The Best in Global Industry leading encryption by ChatMail

AZTechCrypt is the Certified Executive Partners of ChatMail™. End-to-end encrypted mobile solutions using tamper-proof hardware, managed from a world-class Canadian Data Center. ChatMail is trusted around the world by activists, journalists, politicians, lawyers, professionals, and individuals who need to guarantee their communications are private.

More Security. No Exploits.

We are in the security and privacy business, not data collection.

That’s why ChatMail eliminates access to third-party apps and access to internet browsers, resulting in zero risk of malware pop-ups, or other exposures from inadvertently clicking on unsafe links. GPS, USB, Bluetooth and Hotspot connectivity are also removed – preventing your device from being spied on, hijacked or infected. And our SIM cards are not provisioned for calling; therefore, they do not have a phone number to launch a zero-day or zero-click attack.
Every message is encrypted with ChatMail Advanced Messaging and Parsing Protocol (CAMP), encompassing both our PGP and Elliptic Curve Cryptography. ChatMail wholly owns a Canadian data center and operates in a democratic country that supports human rights, and encryption laws.
We guarantee our servers don't store anything beyond username, activation, and expiry date.

  • Personal

    Citizens rely on personal security, to be protected at home and abroad, which
    includes protection from cyber threats, warfare, and social engineering attacks. ChatMail is designed to protect every client from device interception at all times.

  • Activists

    If you’re an activist, it is very likely you’re being monitored. Activism can be dangerous not
    just to your cause but to the people behind it. Frequently, peaceful protests happen in hostile territories and leaked documents, data, and information can lead to your safety and your cause being compromised. ChatMail security is designed to save lives and your mission from surveillance by governments, extremist organizations, counter-activists, data infiltration.

  • Journalists

    Journalists are at increased risk of facing state or societal surveillance, impeding their
    rights to freedom of speech and to safely and confidentially work with sources, and to unlock information about controversial issues within democratic
    or undemocratic, developed or developing societies alike.

  • Finance & Banking

    Customers rely on financial and
    lending institutions for essential
    products and services. They trust
    that their personal information
    and identity factors are
    confidential and secure. ChatMail
    protects against any anticipated
    threats or hazards to the security
    or integrity of these records and
    eliminates the risk of harm and
    inconvenience to your customers
    and corporate reputation.

  • Energy

    Currently a $1.8 trillion industry
    globally, 75% of oil and natural
    gas companies fell victim to at
    least one cyber attack in recent
    years. As cybercrime efforts
    against the industry become
    more frequent and sophisticated,
    ChatMail protects you from major
    assaults, which can cost
    hundreds of millions of dollars,
    and risks associated with
    disrupting operations, field data
    theft, and environmental damage.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Pharmaceutical companies are the
    most targeted by cybercriminals.
    Predicted to be a $1.2 trillion
    industry by 2021, the extortion of
    high-value intellectual property
    including clinical data, drug formulas
    for compounds, patents, and patient
    or employee personal data are
    worth far more to cybercriminals
    than personal data. Recovery from a
    significant breach can have
    additional costly consequences
    including being forced to repeat
    clinical trials, damage to products in
    development, production shortages,
    and lost revenue. ChatMail
    eliminates the risk of threats and
    attacks through the weakest link,
    employee personal mobile devices.